Thank You for Your Support During the CA Fires

Thank You!

As we return to business as usual, we’ve been reflecting on how it’s not just business between us. We have lost count of the number of people who reached out to us from across the country with well wishes and offers to assist.

Thank you for caring. We are doing well.

There has been so much devastation around us – it is hard to imagine. We have staff, colleagues, friends and community members who have lost homes and businesses during the past week; and some who continue to be displaced from homes in evacuated areas. Some of our neighbors in Sonoma and Napa Counties are still facing great uncertainty and our hearts remain with them as heroic teams of firefighters and first responders from near and far join together to protect life, property and livelihoods.

If you can, please join us in donating to the recovery effort and we will match your donation.

If you want a few more details, here they are.

In the City of Healdsburg, where our headquarters is located, we remained fire free throughout this ordeal. There were evacuation advisories but no fires in town. Our internet service was interrupted starting Monday morning, when the fires erupted, and our staff concentrated on making sure their families were safe and out of harm’s way.

Once our staff was taken care of, we got back to work with a small crew and a very low bandwidth cellular data to Ethernet bridge that allowed us to respond to emails, at least. With cellphones, and a network held together with “bubblegum and duct tape” (that was our IT director’s description), we were able to keep the supply lines open. We found alternate shippers while UPS’s facility was under evacuation. Somehow, it was getting done.

Meanwhile, an incredible number of remarkable public safety personnel were taking care of our whole community. Firefighters from across the state and beyond arrived to bolster the efforts of our local fire companies. Police and Sherriff departments joined the California Highway Patrol and National Guard to keep everyone safe. Even so, the losses are beyond belief. One of our team members lost his house, but thankfully, no one has suffered any injuries.

As the week came to a close, and our business returned to “normal” last Thursday afternoon, our staff began to reach out into the community to see what needs there were and how we could help. Simple things like donating shipping boxes, or volunteering at donation centers helped heal hearts. Just a fresh toothbrush was enough to put a smile on a face. Seeing our community come together, and the overwhelming support that has been shared from near and far, has been humbling.

The fires are subsiding and now the hard work begins. To that end, our company is pledging $50,000 to a matching fund at Redwood Credit Union. If you can help, please donate online here. These funds will be used to help the entire Sonoma/Napa community along the path to recovery. It will take a long time, but we are confident that the help and support we have felt in your calls, emails, and texts will speed us along the way.

Steve Deas

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