SIEMENS: El Paso Water Saves Space & Cuts Downtime with Siemens 24 V DC UPS

El Paso Water saves space, cuts downtime with Siemens 24 V DC UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

El Paso Water (EPW) has long been recognized as a leader for its innovative water supply strategy. Water professionals from around the world visit the utility to learn about its acclaimed water reuse, inland desalinization and conservation methods.

Located in the Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico, EPW’s service area includes El Paso’s 248 square miles and population of more than 800,000. The fourth largest city in Texas, El Paso is also the nation’s third fastest growing metropolitan area, with a 40 percent population increase projected by 2040.While winter brings relatively cool temperatures, summers are hot in this scenic desert setting. Situated next to the Rio Grande River and intersecting with the Franklin Mountains and Rockies, El Paso receives less than 10 inches of rainfall annually.

Hand-in-hand with its water supply strategy reputation, EPW’s focus on customer satisfaction and reliability is paramount. Each day, the utility’s technicians and superintendents work behind the scenes to reliably produce and distribute water from the Hueco and Mesilla Bolsons and surface water  from the Rio Grande. EPW operates four waste water and four fresh water plants serving the metropolitan area. Additionally, it operates more than 300 booster, lift and transfer stations that include fresh water, waste water, reclaimed water and storm water facilities To continue reading the article, click here.

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