MENCOM: The Easy & Simple Way to be Compliant with NFPA79 Standards

Mencom’s unique Inside-Outlet (GFDP1) Power Port features three GFCI-protected receptacles; two outside and one inside the panel to provide a simple solution to comply with NFPA 79, The Control Panel Utility Receptacle Standard.

  • 3 GFCI-protected receptacles (2 Outside & 1 Inside)
  • 120V GFCI Receptacle to 120V Simplex Receptacle
  • Easy and Safe TEST/RESET outside the panel
  • Outgoing Terminals for GFCI Protected Power
  • Finger-safe cover for internal connections to power ports
  • UL Type 4, 4X, 12
  • IP65 with Mencom metal/low profile housings

Click here to learn more about the Inside-Outlet (GFDP1) Power Port.

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