Full Week of Workshops!

It’s been a busy week filled with workshops!

Since Tuesday, we’ve been hosting the HMS Connected Machines workshops throughout our region. Take a peek!

Featured in the photo is Arjun, HMS Networks Area Sales Manager and Trevor Lang, HMS Networks Field Application Engineer.

During the workshops this week, all attendees got practical hands-on experience with the Flexy, as well as the following:

  • Remotely access a PLC.
  • Setup and receive alarms from your PLC.
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and push code changes to PLCs and industrial automation devices.
  • Log data values and send that data into the cloud.
  • Create an HTML based data dashboard.
  • Connect wirelessly on the LAN from your smart device to view your HMI or other web servers.
  • Get data from your machine into Excel and other 3rd party cloud services.

For more information about this workshop and how to register for our future HMS Connected Machine Workshops, click here.

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