Siemens TIA Portal: In Plain Text Webinar

Join Siemens for a 90-minute live, guided introduction to implementing text-based solutions inside the TIA Portal in both the programming environment and in the operator interface.

Dec 3, 2020 11:00 am

As machines advance in complexity and the mass globalization of industrial machinery continues to expand, automation systems are being tasked with handling increased workloads and processing more complex algorithms.

Benefits of attending:
* Discover the power and flexibility of using the SCL for programming PLC code and implementing higher-level programming concepts to minimize engineering efforts
* Explore how programmers can utilize SCL and ladder (LAD) programming in the same project to make their programming more efficient, simpler to debug, and easier to maintain
* Learn how to export program comments, translate them into various languages and re-import them into TIA Portal to create multilingual PLC and HMI projects in a matter of minutes

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