SICK ScanGrid2: A Safety Multibeam LiDAR with Solid State Technology!

Settling for slower speeds and reduced payloads on your small, automated guided carts (AGCs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)?

Starting to acquire more expenses than you initially saved?

Introducing the scanGrid2 by SICK Sensor Intelligence, the world’s first safety multibeam LiDAR with solid state technology!

The scanGrid2:

• Is perfect for collision avoidance and protecting hazardous areas (up to PL c).

• Operates with no moving parts (using pure semi-conductor technology).

• Safely detects objects in a variety of sizes (within freely configurable field zones up to 4m). • Is compact (with a height of only 43mm), making it an ideal solution for areas with space constraints.

• Provides precise measurement data over the CANopen communication protocol.

Click here to watch the video!

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