Save Time and Energy With Schmalz FXP/FMP Grippers!

Quit paying for extra hardware to accommodate various grippers based on product type.

Schmalz’s new line of FXP / FMP grippers really show why they’re the market leader.

Join EandM Robotics Product Specialist Akshay Bhati for an introduction to this new line of grippers from Schmalz!

FXP / FMP Features:

• In-built vacuum generator – Eliminates use of additional components, saving cost

• Plug-in ejector – Allows for connection to pumps, blowers and vacuum generators

• Flexible and Lightweight – 25% lighter than other grippers allowing for increased payload and faster cycle times

• Higher Suction Force – 87% more suction force than other grippers on the market

Click here to watch the video and learn more!

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