Tomorrow! Smart Pendant 3.0 Webinar – Fast and Easy Robot Development

Join Yaskawa expert, Andrew Boddiford, for an interactive presentation about how Smart Pendant Version 3.0 can optimize your task management for smoother operations.

Topic Highlights:
• Custom HMI via Interface Panel
o No-code, user customizable GUI on Smart Pendant
o Available Controls: Light, Button, Switch, Display Field, Frame, Image
• 30 new INFORM Instructions 
o Basic welding, trajectory control, message, string manipulation
o Smart Pendant now supports 100+ instructions!
• Step jogging (“inch-like”)
• Notification & Package Install History
• Extension SDK Enhancements
o New Home Screen integration point, shown directly after boot, limited access to Smart Pendant by operators
o Access to I/O by 5-digit Universal I/O (e.g. 20020)
o Read & write, second & work home positions

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