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Welding automation is nothing new, but its widespread usage for small to medium manufacturers (SMMs) is still on the rise. Large-scale manufacturers who have used robots for years understand the key benefits this technology provides, gaining competitive advantage in the process. Coming around, a growing number of small- to mid-level enterprises are slowly realizing the benefits robotic automation can bring, effectively dealing with labor pressures, material costs, import complexity and more.

In this discussion, Josh Leath – Yaskawa’s Sr. Product Manager of Welding – will share how robot users are increasing productivity, improving quality, reducing costs and increasing safety, while gaining flexibility and scalability. Plus, learn more about the benefits of pre-engineered welding work cells, and how anyone in fabricating can get started with robotic welding.

Topic Highlights

  • Pre-engineered robotic work cell benefits
  • Purchasing considerations (i.e., budget, production needs, supplier reputation, etc.)
  • Training suggestions
  • Maintenance/service advice
  • Interactive Q&A session
  • And more!

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